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stfu it is amber
6 October 1984
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People write in their journal to express themselves
well some of us do I am one of those people,
I may be bitching for a whole week straight, but it is my journal..this is where I vent how I feel...I shouldnt care if people tell me to stop complaining...
it makes me feel betterI bitch about alot of things. I say nice things too. I dont always bitch and when I do..people think I need to stop..or shut up...
I dont think I do Venting how I feel about anything makes myself feel better...
So, if I have a really good day..or a really bad day NO matter what it is.. I will talk about it.. even if you dont want to hear me go on about it...And if I cant write how I feel with out someone telling me they are tired of me bitchying or being to lovey/sappy...then dont read my journal this is how i vent how i feel dont take it away from me and dont make me feel wrong and tiny

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i am a single mom. i have an awesome daughter named nova. no one will ever replace her. im still into most of the same stuff. the only thing that changed is i live in tampa and i have a daughter. im still me and i love being me.
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